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Byelaw 49 - Passenger Boats

  1. Capacity calculations

    Methods to reduce the volume:

    • use of Vacuum toilets reduced the volume by up to 50 litres per person per day.
    • splitting grey water from black water can make similar reductions in volume required for storage and pump out durations.
  2. Storage and Pump Out

    More details on pump out facilities are available here.

  3. Treatment

    The proposed revision to Byelaw 49 states that the discharge of untreated sewage is not permitted, as such both storage and on board treatment are both possible routes to maintain compliance by operators.

    The Port of London Authority has considered evidence from the IMO and US Coast Guard standards and how they have been applied elsewhere. There has also been a review of the available technology to meet both standards to make sure that these are available for installation in inland vessels on the Thames. In discussion with various suppliers an offer of discount if ordered in bulk has also been suggested.

    The most appropriate standard, where infrastructure is available, for vessels to meet compliance is the technical requirements set out in the Marine Environment Protection Committee resolution MEPC 227 (64) Annex 22. Many systems available will state if they are compliant to this standard. If operators are not sure they are welcome to check with the PLA prior to investment (see contact details below).

    The Resolution also sets out testing requirements. There will also be an expectation of regime self testing that should be integrated into any SMS documentation and records should be available to view during surveys or investigations by the relevant authorities.

    Once treated in compliance with the resolution, the resultant discharge can then enter the Thames.

    If you find other systems and standards please contact the environment team at the PLA [email protected] or 01474 562223.

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All information provided herein is current at the time of publication. Inclusion in this guidance does not imply endorsement by the PLA.

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