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Lower District Harbour Masters

Harbour Master Lower Team

The Lower District team is one of five marine departments under the direction of the PLA Chief Harbour Master.  They look after river safety from Crossness to the outer port limits; and also provide a number of central specialist functions and support, which underpin the PLA’s core statutory responsibility; the facilitation and management of navigational safety.

Harbour Master (Lower) – Cathryn Spain

 Cathryn is the Harbour Master for the Lower District, covering the area between Crossness (Dagenham) to the outer  port  limits. Her team supports her work in the Lower District across commercial operations and recreational river use.  She also responsible for the provision of the PLA's emergency management and contingency planning functions, which is undertaken by a cross-departmental marine management team, involving the Harbour Masters and  Vessel Traffic Services.


Deputy Harbour Master (Lower) (1) - Tim Corthorn

Tim covers the day-to-day harbourmaster operational duties, focussing primarily on commercial operations; they also works on incident investigation and risk assessment work in the Lower District. The DHML also acts as the Port Security Officer.


Deputy Harbour Master (Lower) (2)

Primarily focuses on river works licensing, and developing our working relationships with the recreational community. Also acts as the Emergency Planning Officer for the Port.


Executive Assistant - Sandra Baker

Sandra provides support to the functions and activities of the Lower District Harbour Master Team and the wider CHM Department as required. Sandra administers and maintains the Port Service Provider ID cards system and is responsible for the provision of the PLA Local Knowledge Endorsement certificates in support of the Harbour Master (Upper) team.

Sandra also provides admin support as the secretary of the Port Security Authority and provides cover for the role of Navigational Safety Systems Co-ordinator when they are out of the office.

How to contact the Lower District Team:

Call: +44 (0) 1474 562299

Online: use this Enquiry Form

Additional Functions