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River Works Licence Applications Received

Under Sections 66 and 73 of the Port of London Act 1968 (as amended), the PLA's consent is required for all works and dredging in, on or over the Mean High Water mark of the River Thames, regardless of the ownership of the riverbed and foreshore. Details of current and recently determined applications are listed below. Requests for further information should be sent to lic.app@pla.co.uk quoting the reference number.

Reference Applicant Status Type Works Location CHM Ref Date Received
SQ Holdings Limited Approved Variation Change of use to private residential use Sugar Quay Jetty AN-21-147 04/03/15
Morlandia Limited Completed Variation To enable a larger vessel to moor in place of the Herons vessel, including the addition of two steel mooring piles and timber landing frame. Medina and Seabourne Wharves, Brentford AN-06-167 21/04/15
Roxhill Development Ltd Approved New Works construction of steel beam and RC bridge deck over River Cray AS-81-35 27/05/16
Ludgate House Limited Approved retention 300mm surface water outfall Ludgate House, London AN-20-106 01/01/70
Countryside Properties (UK) Limited Approved New Works Replacement of sheet piled wall and capping beam including lowering of existing brick wall to St Margarets and removal of existing sheet piled wall at Fresh Wharf. Fresh Wharf and St Margarets Wharf, Barking Creek AN-79-13-19 01/01/70
Brett Aggregates Limited Approved New Works Construction of a new inlet structure and outfall structure Alpha Lake, Cliffe AS-42-209 17/07/17
18/0003 Greene King Plc Approved variation concrete buttressing infront of existing river wall Mayflower Pub, Rotherhithe AS-22-282 08/01/18
18/0004 Mr & Mrs Perry Approved retention small pontoon and ladder 5 Aquarius, Eel Pie Island AEP-02-66A 29/01/18
18/0005 St George West London Approved Demolition Removal of pontoon and associated infrastructure to the West of Kew Bridge Kew Bridge AN-06-172-3 29/01/18
18/0006 Mullan Partnership Limited Approved retention 450mm surface water outfall Standard Wharf, Erith AS-34-55 01/02/18
18/0008 Andrew Elder Approved retention landing platform and steps 12 Hammersmith Terrace AN-10-265A 09/02/18
18/0010 David Williams Approved retention pontoon and two piles (end of garden) 15 Cross Deep, Twickenham AN-02-36 11/12/17
18/0011 Oxley Wharf Property 3 Ltd Approved New Works Piled access bridge, bankseat, canting brow and pontoon with guide piles Royal Wharf, Newham AN-29-435 08/02/18
18/0013 Fulham Stadium Limited Completed New Works Construction of a new sheet piled river wall and flood defence structure and installation of piles to support the new riverside walkway. Fulham Stadium AN-12-318 05/03/18
18/0014 Thamescraft Dry Docking Services Ltd In Progress Demolition removal of slipway Bay Wharf AS-27-453 02/03/18
18/0015 Erith Contractors Limited Approved New Works installation of surface water outfall Ebbsfleet Garden City Development AS-37-89 20/03/18
18/0016 Hither Green Developments Approved New Works installation of 2 new piles & mooring of 2 new residential vessels (5 in total at the site) Lot's Ait, Brentford AN-06-154 14/03/18
18/0020 Frasers Property UK Ltd Approved variation New sheet piles installed River Wandle wall AS-13-85 16/02/18
18/0021 Richmond Yacht Club Approved New Works Canting access brow from existing decking to existing pontoon Richmond Yacht Club, Eel Pie Island AEP-02-69 11/04/18
18/0022 Oikos Storage Ltd Approved dredging 1-year capital dredge Oikos Berth 1, Holehaven Wharf AN-44-137 14/11/17
18/0023 Thames Oilport Approved dredging 3-year maintenance dredge (renewal) jetties 3,4 & 5 and jetty 4 Coryton Patch AN-43-129 16/02/18
18/0024 London Gateway Port Limited Approved dredging 1-year maintenance dredge berth pocket area (berths 1, 2 & 3) AN-43-125 26/01/18
18/0025 Riverside Resource Recovery Completed dredging 1-year maintenance dredge outer and inner jetty, Middleton Wharf AS-32-9 05/10/18
18/0028 Colliers Launches Approved variation move from mrgs 134/135 to 135/150 Lambeth Reach A2-18-36 24/05/18
18/0030 Herbosch-Kiere Marine Contractors Ltd Approved Demolition floating pontoon section & associated link span Convoys Wharf AS-25-348 16/06/18
18/0031 Oxley Wharf Property 3 Limited Approved New Works Installation of a new sheet piled river wall in front of the existing wall and construction of a tidal terrace and outfall pipe within the tidal terrace. Royal Wharf, Newham AN-29-435 03/07/18
18/0032 Navigator Terminals Thames Approved New Works & demolition replacement of damaged dolphin Navigator Terminals AN-36-93 03/07/18
18/0033 Navigator Terminals Thames Approved dredging 3-year maintenance dredge (jetties 1 2 & 3) Navigator Terminals AN-36-93 16/02/18
18/0035 Thames Luxury Charters Ltd Approved variation change of 'use' clause to allow Events on pontoon Butlers Wharf Pier AS-22-181 17/07/18
18/0037 Higgins Construction Plc Approved New Works Replacement of outfall pipe Woolwich Reach, Pier Road AS-29-459 27/06/18
18/0038 The Ahoy Centre Approved New Works installation of 11 buoys for the mooring of small craft Paynes & Borthwick Wharves AS-26-352-353A 27/07/18
18/0039 Illuminated River Foudation Completed New Works Removal of redundant existing light fixtures & replace with new lighting & Illuminated river art Millennium Bridge A2-20-5 08/08/18
18/0040 Illuminated River Foudation Completed New Works Removal of redundant existing light fixtures & replace with new lighting & Illuminated river art Southwark Bridge A2-20-3 08/08/18
18/0041 Illuminated River Foudation Completed New Works Removal of redundant existing light fixtures & replace with new lighting & Illuminated river art Cannon Street Railway Bridge A2-20-4 08/08/18
18/0042 Illuminated River Foudation Completed New Works Removal of redundant existing light fixtures & replace with new lighting & Illuminated river art London Bridge A2-21-156 08/08/18
18/0043 Knight Dragon Completed retention Retention of existing single storey structures Formal Coal Jetty Blackwall point AS-28-468A 24/07/18
18/0044 Carrara Wharf General Management Co Ltd Completed retention Retention of litter boom Swan Drawdock litter boom AN-12-324A 09/08/18
18/0045 Andrew Luckett Completed retention houseboat 'JADI' Vicarage Crescent, Battersea AS-15-128 17/08/18
18/0046 Dragon Knight Plot 0206 Cancelled New Works Construction of 600mm diameter outfall & scour Prot Greenwich Upper Riverside plot 0206 AS-28-468A 07/09/18
18/0047 Enderby Wharf LLP Approved dredging 1-year capital dredge Enderby Wharf AS-27-444 24/04/18
18/0048 Roy Beadle Approved variation buoy, chain & sinker mooring no. 40/46 Gravesend Reach A2-40-36 20/09/18
18/0049 Port of Tilbury London Limited Completed retention Jetty & 2 moorings Marsh Farm Sewage works AN-40-115 03/10/18
18/0050 Alyson Jackson Petts Completed retention House boat moorings Batterses Church Road AN-15-138 09/10/18
18/0051 BAM Nuttall Ltd Completed dredging 1-year capital dredge Woolwich Ferry North Terminal Inner Berth AN-29-453B 23/02/18
18/0052 Watermark Place Oxford One Investments Limited In Progress variation Revised campshed plans following remedial works Watermark Place, Kings Reach AN-20-129 09/10/18
18/0054 Jake Riviera Completed New Works Build decking area and stairs down to river Hurley Cottage, Eel Pie Island AEP-2-61 18/10/18
18/0055 Thames Water Utilities (Chambers Wharf) Completed variation Dolphin only Chambers Wharf AS-22-228 19/11/18
18/0056 Boyd Street Limited Completed New Works creation of 26 permanent moorings with ancillary services Watermans Park AN-06-157 16/11/18
18/0057 Avon Ground Rents Limited completed retention 3 flap valves, ladder, fenders plant boxes and safety chain Queen's Wharf Hammersmith AN-11-296A 19/11/18
18/0058 Thames Water Utilities (Trinidad Wharf) Completed retention Storm Water outlet with tidal flap Trinidad Wharf, Fulham AN-13-334 21/11/18
18/0059 London River Services Limited Approved variation temporary mooring of old Blackfriars pontoon Woolwich Ferry Mooring Buoy AS-29-517 30/10/18
18/0060 Edward Leyshon McCleland Davies Completed New Works Decking Area already in place Blinkwater Eel Pie Island AEP-2-60 26/11/18
18/0061 Mr Y Wang Completed retention Pontoon & 2 piles 103 Strawberry Vale Twickenham AN-01-8 08/12/18
18/0062 London River Services Approved variation temporary use by DHL of part of waiting room Bankside Pier, Windsor Wharf AS-20-128 06/11/18
18/0063 Susan Wilson Completed retention Steel Pontoon & 2 spring piles The Haven Eel Pie Island AEP-02-58 11/12/18
18/0064 Golden Tours In Progress New Works Extension to existing slipway Church Drawdock, Battersea AS-15-137 07/12/18
18/0065 Oxley Deanston Limited Completed retention Jetty, Dolphin & five water surface outfalls Deanston Wharf, Silvertown AN-29-434 12/12/18
18/0066 Woods River Cruises Completed dredging 1-year capital dredge Savoy Pier AN-19-67B 14/11/18
18/0067 Royal Docks Mgmt Authority Completed dredging 3-year maintenance dredge King George V Lock Entrance AN-30-466 15/09/18
18/0068 Marguerite Murdoch Architects Completed New Works Replacement of river wall, New Pontoon & deck Pelham House, 97A Strawberry Vale AN-01-11 21/12/18
18/0070 HQS Wellington Trust In Progress New Works Replacement of 2 new mooring dolphins Victoria Embankment AN-19-71B 07/01/19
19/0001 Millennium Quay Residents Association In Progress New Works Re-building of River wall Millenium Quay, Greenwich AS-263-355 16/01/19
19/0002 Duncan & Ian Wallace Brown Completed Retention Balcony Highbridge Wharf AS-26-426/8 21/11/18
19/0003 Jane Ann Clarke Mason Completed Retention Balcony Highbridge Wharf AS-26-426/8 28/11/18
19/0004 Michelle Woodley Completed Retention Balcony Highbridge Wharf AS-26-426/8 07/12/18
19/0005 London River Services Ltd In Progress variation Change of use from waiting room to bar, including new toilets and relocation of external ramp on pier to allow for outdoor terrace for customers Embankment Pier, Victoria Embankment AN-19-66 18/12/18
19/0006 London Gateway Port Limited Approved dredging 1-year maintenance dredge Navigable Channel & Manoeuvring Area AN-43-125 26/01/18
19/0007 Northern & Shell PLC Approved Retention Change use of lease/Licence for Walkway 10 LowerThames Street AN-21-143 28/01/19
19/0008 Collins River Enterprises Limited Completed Retention piles, pontoons, ramp, access bridge & pier Plantation Wharf, Battersea AS-14-115 21/01/19
19/0009 Thames Leisure Ltd Under Review New Works installation of a multi-use Pier Swan Lane Pier AN-20-134 04/02/19
19/0010 Blaxmill Limited Approved Retention Timber Fenders and walings on river wall, 450mm outfall with flap valve. Remains of piles from Reuters Pier Blackwall Yard, Blackwall AN-28-384 31/01/19
19/0012 Diana Calam Completed Retention To retain 3 mooring piles The Moorings, Eel Pie Island, Twickenham AEP-2-15 21/02/19
19/0013 Mountpark Logistics Approved Retention steel beam and bridge deck River Cray AS-81-35 15/03/19
19/0014 Canal and River Trust Consented dredging 3-year maintenance dredge Bell Mouth, South West India Dock AN-27-369 09/01/19
19/0015 Collins River Enterprises Limited Approved Retention Pier and associated structures North Greenwich Pier AS-28-465 18/03/19
19/0016 GLA Land and Property Limited Approved variation retention of Quantum Cloud sculpture only North Greenwich Pier AS-28-465 13/03/19
19/0017 Tate & Lyle Sugars Approved variation Partial demolition of wooden dolphins Export "L" Jetty, Thames Refinery, Silvertown AN-29-447 10/01/19
19/0018 L & Q Group Consented New Works Instal 2 x Surface water drainage outlets New Union Wharf, Cubitt Town AN-27-360 20/03/19
19/0019 Cemex UK Consented dredging 1-year capital dredge RMC Dagenham Jetty (Cemex) AN-32-41 10/09/18
19/0021 Hither Green Developments In Progress New New berth and piling for mooring Lighterman's Wharf AN-06-156 05/04/19
19/0022 Keltbray Ltd In Progress New Close off & construct new tidal inlet, sheet pile wall Greenwich Wharf Draw Dock AS-27-438 10/04/19
19/0023 David Holt Completed Retention Mooring 129 Holehaven Creek A2-83-36 08/04/19
19/0024 All Souls College Completed Retention 150mm Outfall and Tidal Flap Northumberland House, Petersham Road, Richmond AS-03-008 12/04/19
19/0025 Oikos Storage Consented dredging 1-year maintenance dredge Oikos Jetty No. 1 AN-44-137
19/0026 Southern Water Services Ltd Approved retention Storm Water outlet with Apron Mark Lane Gravesend AS-4-186A 29/04/19
19/0027 London River Services Consented dredging 1-year 'de minimis' dredge Bankside Pier, Windsor Wharf AS-20-128
19/0028 Notting Hill Home Ownership In Progress New Replacement of 150mm outfall Woolwich Reach AS-29-503 08/05/19
19/0028 Nottingh Hill Home Ownership Ltd Consented Retention Replacement of 150 Surface Water Outfall Woolwich Reach AS-29-503 08/05/19
19/0029 Jamie Thain In Progress new Mooring of vessel Danny Boy Holehaven Creek A2-83-36 10/05/19
19/0029 Jamie Thain Consented Retention Mooring 115 Holehaven Holehaven AS-83-36 10/05/19
19/0031 Tamesis Dock Ltd. Approved variation Variation to existing RWL to reflect changes to campshed and mooring piles Battersea Barge, Nine Elms AS-17-19 01/05/19
19/0032 Thames Oilport Approved dredging 3-year maintenance dredge jetties 3,4 & 5 and jetty 4 Coryton Patch AN-43-129
19/0033 Adil Yalcin Approved Retention Mooring 116 Holehaven Holehaven A2-83-36 03/06/19
19/0034 Pura Foods Limited Consented dredging 3-year maintenance dredge Jurgens Jetty, Purfleet AN-36-89
19/0036 London Homebuilding Partnership LLP Approved Retention Concrete jetty Duresco Wharf, Charlton AS-29-493 30/05/19
19/0037 Peel Ports Medway Consented dredging 3-year maintenance dredge (variation) Medway Approach Channel A2-45-62 29/11/18
19/0038 Barking Riverside Ltd In Progress New works 2 750mm surface water outfalls & intertidal habitat areas Barking Riverside, Barking AN-31-39-40 09/05/19
19/0039 Thames Workboat Services Approved Retention North Woolwich Pier (remains): 4 dolphins, brow, 2 columns, 2 piles Woolwich AN-29-458 23/04/19
19/0040 Jonathan J Egerton-Peters Approved Retention Balcony 5 Corbetts Wharf, Bermondsey AS-22-243 30/04/19
19/0041 Imperial War Museum Approved variation Replacement cathodic protection system HMS Belfast, Upper Pool AS-20-157 11/06/19
19/0042 Ferrovial Agroman UK Ltd Consented dredging 1-year maintenance dredge Tattershall Castle, Victoria Embankment AN-19-69B
19/0043 Shanly Homes (Southern) Approved new works 3 surface water outfall pipes with tidal flaps Isleworth AN-04-114A 28/05/19
19/0044 Trinity Wharf Management Limited Approved Retention 4 x 450mm surface water outfalls Trinity Wharf, Rotherhithe AN-24-329 05/07/19
19/0045 Armac Shipping Service Ltd. Approved dredging 1-year maintenance dredge White Mountain, Dagenham Dock AN-32-42C 09/05/19
19/0046 Navigator Terminals Thames Processing Variation Replacement of Dolphin at No 1 Jetty Thurrock AN-36-93 14/06/19
19/0048 Globe View Freehold Ltd Processing Retention 19 Balconies Globe View, Upper Thames Street AN-20-110 09/08/19
19/0049 Helen Little Approved Retention 2 mooring posts The Cottage', Eel Pie Island AEP-2-5 13/08/19
19/0050 Mr and Mrs Gorman Approved Retention Existing davit on river wall 7 Blyths Wharf, Narrow Street AN-24-242 18/08/19
19/0051 James Wilson Muggoch Processing New Works 5 houseboats Hollows Wharf, Brentford AN-06-163 22/08/19
19/0053 St Johns Wharf Freehold Limited Approved Retention 17 balconies, campshed & 3 rain water pipes St John's Wharf and King Henry's Wharf, Wapping AN-22-189-191 02/09/19
19/0054 Thamescraft Dry Docking Services Ltd Approved dredging 1-year maintenance dredge Berth 3, Bay Wharf, East Greenwich AS-27-453 09/05/19
19/0055 Tate and Lyle Europe Consented dredging 3-year maintenance dredge Thames Refinery outer berth (Raw Sugar Jetty, Silvertown) AN-29-447
19/0057 H Sivyer (Transport) Ltd Processing New Works Upgrade of Molassine Jetty - New Conveyor systems, fender piles and dolphin to be replaced/repaired and a new winch system Molassine Wharf, East Greenwich AS-27-451 26/09/19
19/0059 Battersea Project Phase 2 Development Company Ltd Processing New Works 1.2m outfall pipe with flap valve and a 4m x 3m gabion mattress Battersea Power Station site AS-17-15 25/09/19
19/0060 GPS Marine Contractors Processing New Works Construction of a new pier with a large barge and an access brow to connect to the existing walkway. 3 mooring piles will be installed to secure it in place with the pier measuring at 130m x 11.5m. Rainham Pumping Station, Essex (Anthena Pier) AN-33-63 28/08/19
19/0063 Metropolitan Police Service Processing Variation replacement of 3 concrete piles with tubular steel piles Wapping Police Boatyard AN-22-181 16/10/19
19/0064 Heather Walton Approved variation 2 mooring piles for mooring no. 3 (change to non-user) Herons Place, Old Isleworth AN-04-118 25/10/19
19/0066 Buckingham Group Contracting Consented dredging de minimis dredging Fulham Football Club AN-12-318
19/0068 Golden Tours Processing New Works Installation of a concrete revetment mattresses to extend the existing Church Drawdock Slipway. Church Drawdock Slipway, Battersea Reach AS-15-137 25/10/19